Doula Services
Kornerstone, Inc.

During labor and delivery a doula provides continuous
knowledge support .She can offer suggestions
about positions during labor, help you with
breathing through contractions, and will provide
other relaxation comforts. She can also answer
questions, you, your partner, or your family may
have about what is happenin
g. We understand the
importance of offering young parents the
opportunity of education. Our goal is to help
prepare young parents for labor and birth, to offer
an opportunity of a more natural gentle birth
experience that helps promote bonding and less
recovery time for mom and baby, provide
postpartum home visit checks, parent education,
training for support person during labor, and the
prevention of child abuse and neglect. We are on
call 24/7 to offer support.
Not a burden
Not an inconvenience

Let us help you be