Kornerstone 5K for Kids 9-12-15  In loving memory of Bev Maher

It was a beautiful crisp morning in the Ozarks,perfect  for a run through the Barry County country side.
The race begins at 9:00 sharp.
Some ran, some walked, and some even
Meanwhile back at the finish line, the short
wait  for the runners to return began. We
talked, we sang, we danced and before we
knew it...
we were cheering our first runner to the
Mark Speakman crossed the line with a
time of
20:53. 1  a pace time of 6:43 a mile.
Male over all winner Mark Speakman
Here comes our
first place female runner.
Linda Morgan crossed the finish line with
a time of
23:28.3  pace time of 7:33  
You GO girl!
Over all female winner
Linda Morgan
Just a few minutes later Ron Bouchard
finished with a time of
22:10.8 pace time of
7:08 taking first in his  division

Brian Walsh crossed the line with a time of
pace time of 7:31 earning first place in his
Allan Cibert crossed the line with a time of
25:06.4 pace time of 8:04
Allan rooted Garrett York home with a time
25:11.1 pace time of 8:06
Garrett took first place in his division.
We love great sportsmanship.
Jill Nance blew in with a time of 27:00.3 pace
time of
8:41 earning Jill first place in her division.
Right behind Jill came
Ben Grau with a time of
27:20.8 pace time of 8:47 earning first place in
his division.
Megan Cox had a time of 29:17.0 pace time of 9:25
earning her
second place in her division
Followed by
Tiffany Bohmke with a time of 29:17.2
earning Tiffany
third place in her division.
What a way to finish strong ladies!
Next in was Jeff York with a time of 30:13.6 pace
time of
9:43 which placed Jeff second in his division
Followed by
Megan Phillips placing first in her
division with a time of
31:56.4 pace time of 10:16
....and the yelling, cheering and clapping continues as
Blaine Grau came in with a time of 32:29.2 pace time
Alyssa Martin crossed the finish line with a time of
34:39.4 pace time of 11:08 earning first place in her
age division. She was overheard telling her
"that was so much fun"
Arriving just behind Alyssa was Kim Chadd with a
race time of
34:49.0 pace time  11:12 earning first
place in her division.
Bud Keil from the Knob took first place in his division
with a time of
35:10.3 pace time of 11:18
Whoop whoop Bud !
Rhonda Azelton arrived with her
furry friend with a time of
pace time of
11:28. Her furry
friend arrived just a tad faster
with a time of
We love our furry friends.... bring
a friend next year and join us. It's
great exercise for both of you.
This was our youngest participant at
just 8 weeks old..... awwww and she
slept right through the run thanks to her
daddy.We gave her a
first place medal
anyway,tiny counts.
Next in was Julie Martin with a time of 38:05.1 pace time of 12:15 taking
second place in her division.
Jennifer Harris arrived with a time of 40:04.3 pace time of 12:53
Barbara Keil
arrived with a time of 42.28.4 a pace time of 13.39 earning Barb
place in her division..
Monica Whitham's time was 43:31.9 a pace of 14:00 followed by
Jennifer Vandall with a time of 49:35.0 pace time of 15:57 ...
I heard she stayed behind to watch over her man who was having just a
little "hammy" issue  A hammy for a ham.
Teri Taylor
was just a tad behind Jennifer with a time of 49:36.6 pace time of
15:57 earning her third place in her division.
Zandy Vandall the preacher man arrived with a time of 50.16.9 pace of 16:10  
with hammy issues  but with a smile on his face.... was he just  glad to have
that over.... or maybe he was plotting his next sermon...hmmmmm ???
Connie Deans won first place in her age division by coming in at 52:54 pace
time of
Great job Connie!
These happy ladies were first
time 5K walkers. I'm SO proud
of you. Look at the smiles on
their faces. Beautiful!
Melodie Beal had a
complession time of
57:45 . 1
pace time of
Nicole Matthews
with a time of
57:45.4 winning them both
second place in their division.
Zandy, Teri and Ashley
Third place winners
First place winners
A big thank you to all who
participated.... runners,
walkers, helpers, those who
sponsored, those who
provided gifts, we can not
thank you enough. We could
not do this without you.
We hope to see you again
next year in September.
Look for the upcoming date
on this website
Music: http://www.purple-planet.com
Second Place winners
All ages welcome